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Please email warroombulletin@gmail.com FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

Ack! How do I hold or reroute delivery in USA? Most shipments from QML are via Fedex. Check here to reroute or hold... FEDEX support

The Core game is CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Check the KS updates page for news on 3rd printing: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nightingale-games/war-room-a-larry-harris-game-2nd-edition/posts

When will my order ship? Starting in October, all new orders should process and ship out within a month or less. Check here for the shipping news updated weekly: https://www.nightingale-games.com/updates

Will I get tracking? Small items might ship without tracking, but nearly all packages weighing more than a pound or so will ship with tracking.

Does shipping combine to save cost? New orders will no longer combine with previous orders (as previous orders are already in transit).

Is VAT included in shipping? For most regions, yes. We qualify as a micro-business for the EU.

Hey! Why don't you ship to my country? Currently, we are only shipping to certain regions. After all pre-orders have shipped for your region then we might add that region back. The UK is still waiting, for example.

Are you really SOLD OUT of item X? We are tracking stock in 5 hubs worldwide so when numbers get low it is tricky. After October 1st, If an item is SOLD OUT then check back the next day as we might find a few more. Check Noble Knight Games for copies of the core (in the USA).

What about my China Stickers? These are about 95% shipped out. If you are one of the unlucky 5%, not yet shipped out, expect them to arrive in early October via USPS.

How do we contact you with questions? Please email warroombulletin@gmail.com.


2nd Edition Kickstarter is a success!


Blog posts

QML is getting ready to ship to USA/Canada

QML is getting ready to ship to USA/Canada

Attention all USA and Canada customers.... Please check your spam and (other emails) for an email from shipping@qmlogistics.com to verify your ship...
Webstore is now open for USA Customers!

Webstore is now open for USA Customers!

Webstore reopens to USA customers!
Pre-order system coming on July 15, 2021

Pre-order system coming on July 15, 2021

You will be able to pre-order a wide variety of supplements both old and new starting on... July 15, 2021.