WAR ROOM Supplements for SALE now!

Supplements ship directly from Massachusetts, i.e. we are not using shipping vendors for the supplements (at this time) for any region, so orders DO NOT combine shipping with the Core Game or Jumbo Expansion Pack.  For orders between $50 and $115 we have a temporary free shipping coupon special for USA and CANADA orders only.  Use coupon code USACAN50 at checkout (will likely not combine with other coupons).   I realize prices are fairly steep, but these are fairly small print run batches and require a fair bit of time to process the shipment.  The China stickers are free with any supplement order.  If ordered alone there will be a shipping charge.  Depending on the demand, processing the orders and shipping may take at least a few weeks, and likely longer for Europe and Asia.  Let us know of problems, please.