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Please email warroombulletin@gmail.com to ask if we have any stock remaining in Europe.  We have fewer than 100 Core and are currently sold out of the Jumbo Pack in Europe. EU shipping ranges from $35 to $55. EU VAT is already paid.

We are sold out of certain supplement items (dice, staves, Deep Six Pack) as of Thanksgiving 2019, but we hope to have more back in stock in a few months.

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WAR ROOM Supplements for SALE now!

Supplements ship directly from Massachusetts, i.e. we are not using shipping vendors for the supplements (at this time) for any region, so orders D...

Shipping of War Room Pre-Orders is Underway!

We began shipping around the World in the summer of 2019.  Many thanks to our Kickstarter backers for making this project successful. As of 9/29/20...

Supplement Products for War Room - Coming Soon!

Sometime in October 2019 we will start offering a variety of supplements for WAR ROOM: A Larry Harris Game. Supplies will be very limited.