❄❅❄ Winter SPECIAL = FLAT $10 SHIPPING PRICE CAP for all regions! ❄❅❄



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Our WINTER SPECIAL = Flat $10 shipping price cap for all regions!

Please email warroombulletin@gmail.com FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

Why no shipping to my region? If you get an error during checkout saying your region is not supported, please email us and we can check to see if that is really true.

When will you restock the core game? Check the KS updates page for news on 3rd printing: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nightingale-games/war-room-a-larry-harris-game-2nd-edition/posts

When will my order ship? This depends on your region. North America can take 1-3 weeks. Europe and UK are around 1-2 weeks. Asia takes 1-3 months (due to freight shipping from China).

Will I get tracking? Small items might ship without tracking, but nearly all packages weighing more than a pound or so will ship with tracking.

Does shipping combine to save cost? New orders will no longer combine with previous orders (as previous orders are already in transit).

Is VAT included in shipping? For most regions, yes. We qualify as a micro-business for the EU.

Are you really SOLD OUT of item X? We are tracking stock in 5 hubs worldwide so when numbers get low it is tricky. If an item is SOLD OUT then check back the next week as we might find a few more. Check Noble Knight Games or ebay for copies of the core (in the USA).

What about my China Stickers? These should all have arrived by now. If you've made a newish order (since October 1st) the China Stickers ship separately via USPS without tracking.

How do we contact you with questions? Please email warroombulletin@gmail.com.


2nd Edition Kickstarter is a success!


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