❄❅❄ Winter SPECIAL = FLAT $10 SHIPPING PRICE CAP for all regions! ❄❅❄

J-J-Jumbo SALE in June and July!

The Jumbo Pack is now on sale for $100.  We are sold out of the Jumbo Pack in Europe.  Sorry!   The sale lasts through June and July (or while supplies last).

The Jumbo Pack includes the 4 foot neoprene map (that may need washing in a washing machine to smooth wrinkles), 6 wooden command staves, a set of larger (5x7) dry erase O&P charts, a second set of 10 dice, 6 drink mats, a dice bag with the War Room Logo, and 2 dice roller cups (to save rolling space and prevent cocked dice).

We are extremely low in stock on the Core game everywhere (like a dozen).  If the store shows "sold out" please contact me and I will check availability for you.